Adult Swim: Toonami

Role: Motion Director

Adult Swim asked us to create an app for their largely dedicated Toonami following. After researching the Toonami community, we designed an app whose main feature consisted of “The Signal,” the home of the fans’ tweets. 

As Motion Director, I conceptualized the motion and flow of the app, garnering a stimulating yet easily navigational user experience. I worked closely with the developer to bring the app to life on both Android and IOS.

I was responsible for bringing to life the intro sequence of the Toonami app. It's role was to introduce users to the wold of Toonami and to provide them with a simple walk-through of the app's features.

Signal Animation

The Signal is the pulse of the app. In this screen, you can tweet about the show, see what the community is talking about, and increase your fan rank to ultimately become the #1 fan!

Toonami Schedule

The user can view the TV schedule by lining up the GPS Absolution with the center of their phone. Or simply by swiping the autopilot feature showcased in this video. 

The flashlight is a fun feature with a strobe light effect and has the capacity to signal in morse code. 

This feature allows the user to set their alarm clock for their favorite shows, or for any activtiy. The user can set as many alarms as they may need.