Google: Kick With Chrome

Role: Lead Animator

Together with Google, we created “Kick with Chrome".  A browser-based gaming experience built for the mobile web. The project launched prior to the World Cup 2014, and to help spread the word we also created a short film to market the experience. This was a global campaign and the site was localized to 32 languages.  

Once signed in with Google, the user could play virtual soccer with up to four friends in different ways. Users could also connect to a desktop computer to create a more personalized and enhanced gaming experience by saving their scores to the leaderboard. 

As Lead Animator, I closely collaborated with the Creative Director and developers to create the motion of the games, UI flow, and a marketing video. As a globally aired video, I focused on designing motion that would be universally recognizable.

Shootout mimics penatly kicks. The user tries to score a point by flicking the ball on their mobile device towards the goal: either curving the ball or kicking it straight. In multi-player mode, the user can be the goalie or the striker. 

The object of Space Kick is to kick the ball as high as you can; from earth into outer space. Collecting as many stars as possible on the way up, while avoiding barriers like planets, UFO's and more!

Infinite Dribble

The object of this game is to dodge as many defenders as you can while dribbling. The longer you last, the better your score! Up to four people can play at the same time.