Reuters TV: It's Your Time

Role: Art Director

Reuters TV is designed for the mobile user, moving away from the traditional news outlets, focusing on direct news content from the source. This campaign was geared towards capturing the young professional, on-the-go audience, As Art Director, I worked closely with the copywriter to create concepts for four digital promos, narrating different scripts through a combination of Reuters footage, stock footage and our own footage. Understanding the global social media platforms this campaign would air, we used fast-paced edits and bold title cards to capture the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Hulu audiences. 

Shows how traditional cable news is full of pundits, information overload, and stories
that aren't important.
Reuters TV gives you stories straight from the source. 

Focuses on Reuters TV helps you be connected to the world through even in your fast pace life. 

As you get older current affairs become more and more important to
you and your friends. Reuters TV playlists helps you stay infromed.

Reuters TV wants the viewer to form their own opinion about any given topic. This
promo focuses on viewers to see whole the story before jumping to conclusions.