Virgin America: Sittin' Pretty

Role: Art Director

Virgin America has garnered uniquely innovative ways to improve the comfort and experience for passengers. As Art Director, I was tasked with creating the concept and execution of three informative films showcasing the process of how to order food, entertainment and drinks from the ease of ones’ seat.

Working closely with Virgin America, we developed the concept of two animated characters, a Bear and a Chameleon, on their journey through the Virgin "Red" services system. I animated the characters, in addition to working side by side with the client and creative director to select the music, illustration style and storyboard. 

The overview film on how to use the in-seat system plays on every flight before take off, while the other two films live on the homescreen for the passengers to view at their leisure

This is an overview of how the inflight system works, the film would play in each of the passenger's seats before the flight took off.

In this film you learn how to order a snack

In this film you would learn how to order a snack and a movie.