Fair Marketplace

Role: UX Lead  

By having over 30,000 cars in our app, it became apparent through research and testing users were having trouble finding the car for them. I dug deeper into the problem by working with Business Intelligence and Data Science to find out exactly where the fall off started to happen. Next, we did user testing and research to then find out why. 

I worked closely with data science to create a personalization algorithm to start to recommend cars to users. Let Fair start doing more of work for the user. As the user engaged more with the app, we could curate recommendations to them. This became the beginning of a personalized marketplace.

To Vehicle Details 

Improved the UX by making it easier for users to know what information is important.

To All Recommended 

Working closely with engineers, I created a system that could be used across the app. 

To All Brands

Improved UX lists across the entire app.

Transition To A Category

This example helped users know where they are and how they get back without being explicit.