Senior Director of Design

Problem Statement

How do you bring ease and mobility to customers’ while growing the business?


Partnered with Uber to create a product that enables drivers’ to get a car in a seamless, convenient and accessible manner across the U.S. I led the holistic user experience through design to reach designated KPI’s while collaborating with executive leadership and cross-functional stakeholders, along with the Uber team, to create a human-centered product.

The approach to the app’s design was clean, minimal, and clear, resulting in an easy and friendly user experience.


Project Objectives


Use Fair's innovative platform to design a human-centered experience.


Design an app for the user experience to positively impact the longevity of the business. 


Design an experience for users to pick up & drop off their car anytime.


Create a seamless user experience that is both easy to navigate and understand.

By The Numbers




Interviews & Focus Groups to understand needs of users and business prior to mapping the app.  


User Journey Map measuring user's emotional satisfaction rating from start to return.


Qualitative and Quantitative Data to inform design decisions for users and the business.


Informational Architecture for various start and endpoints in the user journey.


Target Area

Simplify the user flow to prevent an overwhelming aesthetic which led to an increased conversion rate. 


Target Area

How design helps solve user’s issues.


Target Area

Design a wallet for users to earn incentives and pay in-app.

User's Appeal 

Signing Up & Driving within the same day!

Being able to sign up for Fair and start driving for Uber on the same day quickens the process of earning money.

All In One Place

All of your car needs located in one app: insurance, maintenance, and payments in the palm of your hand. The design simplified the format and made it easy to navigate for the customer.

Flexibility = Convienance 

Flexibility is one of the core values. Being able to drive a car for as long as a person needs, makes it about the driver and not the job. Same as the app’s focus is on the user experience and not the company. 


Welcome Screen 

Welcome screen’s are the main introduction to a user so we focused on creating a clean aesthetic and clear explanation of the app. This resulted in reduced drop offs and increased conversions.

Sign Contracts on Your Phone

Consumer research showed frustrations people have with signing endless paperwork at a dealership. Instead, we designed a one time signature requirement on the app, turning the hours into a moment. The contracts were saved in an accessible folder on the app, along with the insurance, payments and history.  


Pay On Your Phone

Seamless means simple and at your convenience. Making payments on the phone allowed drivers to earn money right away. Creating an auto-pay system on the app provided ease of mind for drivers’ to not be concerned with missing a payment. 

My Car - Active Subscription

This page was designed as a one stop shop for all users’ needs post activation. It contained a wallet for payments, contract and maintenance information, car features and linked everything to the user’s Uber account. With all the time saved, the user was able to drive for longer, increasing business for both the driver and Uber.


Learnings & Findings

Through countless hours of research, findings showed people want simple, easy products to make their lives easier. When dealing with a product that affects people’s income, it is even more critical to provide a fast and hassle-free product. Thus, all aspects of the product, both visually and systematically, were designed to remind customers’ of that convenience and ease. 

One key learning was being more proactive in anticipating issues as problem shooting is a natural aspect of all projects and initiatives. Another learning is continued customer outreach to hear feedback for areas of improvement.