Google Calendar


Motion Director & VFX Supervisor

Problem Statement

How do you announce and teach users new features in an engaging way?


Having worked on the initial Google Calendar launch, Google reached out to continue the evolution in revamping their mobile experience with the task of launching the world. We worked in tandem with Google to create a film and website, introducing the new, more personalized, features. 

As Motion Director, I collaborated in conceptualizing the film; ensuring the flow of the story made sense while showcasing the new features of the app for the launch. In addition focused on everything flowing with Interaction / UX design of the web site.



Project Objectives


Increase downloads for Google Calendar on iOS and Android.


Create a film displaying all of the new Google Calendar user stories. 


Create a website showcasing the new features.


VFX supervise to ensure all of the deliverables for the film and site are collected.



Qualitative Data to inform our design decisions.


User feedback from earlier versions of Google Calendar.

User's Appeal 

Sync Up

Syncs up with all Google Apps. An email from Gmail automatically gets added to your calendar.

Your Calendar

Different views for different users. Users can choose how they would like to display their calendar.

New Features

New features like reminders and goals help keep your life more organized and in one place. No longer the need to use multiple apps to organize your life.


Target Area

Easy to understand and use the new features.


Target Area

Cross-functionality with Gmail. 


Target Area

Personalizing Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Website

In addition to supervising the marketing video, I developed the motion for the website that further educates the users about the features of the new Google Calendar App.  


Learnings & Findings

When launching new features, it's important the echo-system is in sync. Communications across all platforms should use the same language for all features, new and historic. Receiving user feedback and implementing it into the product shows users their opinions are heard and the goal is simplifying their life. Overall, it's important to keep your value points clear and simple.