I am a mentor, mentee, and doer. I am a believer in bettering my craft, learning, experiencing new things, and striving for more. Having had the opportunity to work with so many talented people throughout my career has helped me mold into the leader I am today.

I have a passion for art and technology and have been fortunate enough to use my love of user experiences to craft visual experiences for some of the greatest brands in the world. Google, Facebook, Nike, HBO, and Fair.

My fundamental belief is that a great product is always evolving and improving, evoking a memorable experience. 




Head of Design    |    2019 - Present

Leads a team of 10 designers across Product and Brand

Created a structure & process for the design department, as well as a method of how to work closely with cross-functional teams on projects across both the personal & commercial side.

Focus on commercial and core strategies, as well as future initiatives for Fair

Worked closely with Growth to establish a company-wide process for user testing & experimenting across all platforms to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, as well as, reducing overhead costs

Continuously work closely with executive leadership to drive new initiatives

ACD / Head of Motion     |    May 2017 - May 2019

Responsible for the onboarding and shopping user experience which led to increased KPI results

Strategically aligned with cross-functional leads (engineering, business development and operations) to enhance user experience and company performance

Identified key growth opportunities and initiatives in the product with Executive team

Helped establish a UX / UI design system for the product

Designed user experiences for the product to increase conversion


Creative Lead    |    Oct 2015 - Mar 2017

I led the projects for clients such as  Facebook, Google, and Nike focusing on the user experiences. Delivering in product design and digital experiences.

As VFX Supervisor, I oversee pre and post-production on films and VR shoots for a variety of clients, including Google and Nike. Prior to shoots, work closely with the Director and Director of Photography to plan the visual effect shots and logistics for the shoot. Additionally, I am responsible for ensuring the post-production team has all the assets they need,  as well as ensuring the client leaves satisfied with the end result.

Lead Animator    |    Oct 2014 - Ocrt 2015

I managed a team of animator’s, as well as animated myself, while leading motion projects in 2D, 3D, and live-action.


Designer / Animator    |    Apr 2013 - Oct 2015

Working with various companies designing and animating various user experiences for film, TV, digital, and Interactive.


Designer / Animator    |   Jun 2007 - Mar 2013

Animated and designed storyboards for commercials, films, and music videos. 

Worked on a range of projects from a Monty Python 3D feature film to broadcast packages for ESPN & NBC Formula 1 Racing, a Ritz Crackers campaign, as well as, a Nivea spot in Times Square.

Developed strong relationships with the Creative Directors and assisted with client pitches’ in-house and on conference calls.